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Paper accepted in European Journal of Human Movement

The paper entitled “Technical effectiveness and ball-hitting frequency in elite women’s tennis. A case study”, authored by Baiget E, Iglesias X, Vallejo L & Rodríguez FA, has been accepted for publication in the “Motricidad. European Journal of Human Movement” (ISSN: 0214-0071;2011, 27:1-21). Congratulations to … Seguir leyendo

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Paper published in Revista Cultura_Ciencia_Deporte

The article entitled “Training methods for specific endurance in competitive tennis: review and proposal “, authored by Ernest Baiget Ph.D., has been published in Revista CULTURA_CIENCIA_DEPORTE. The research was conducted by the INEFC-Barcelona Sport Sciences Research Group (SGR 1054). L’article … Seguir leyendo

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